Natural Gas Vehicle Forum Japan

The Natural Gas Vehicle Forum Japan is an organization devoted to deepening understanding of natural gas vehicles and promoting their diffusion by heightening knowledge of them, sharing related information, etc.

Profile of activities

  • Holding of seminars (one or two times a year, participation free of charge for members)

-   Commentary on the state of technology development and technical lectures related to natural gas vehicles and filling stations
-   Reports on trends in other countries
-   Other activities

  • Reports on seminars (reports on the substance of lectures at study groups)
  • Latest information on the state of diffusion and other contents
  • Information services through the website
  • Sharing of information among members
  • Surveys conducted in other countries
  • Other activities related to heightening knowledge and diffusion of information about natural gas vehicles.


Number of member organizations: 239 (as of May 1, 2020)